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Strategic Manufacturers, Inc. (SMI) is a holding company with an active mandate to build and develop United States based manufacturing operations. It believes that critical sectors of America’s industrial manufacturing base need to be improved, with the end goal of delivering high quality products and services for clients and consumers.

Strategic Manufacturers was formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its revealing of significant flaws in the US supply chain, demonstrating the need for an increase in USA based manufacturing. The need for products to be “Made in the USA” is clear, and there is significant bipartisan support for this mandate. 

Led by SBDG

SMI was created and developed by Small Business Development Group, Inc. in 2020. After studying market factors, SBDG created a detailed initial plan for a $300 million dollar project focusing on gloves and medical equipment. SBDG created a detailed plan for a $300MM + project to build a nitrile glove manufacturing facility and a NBR production facility which was submitted to the US DoD.

Origins in Texas

Initial plans were for the factory to be developed in Houston, with significant financial concessions being made by the local government in Texas. Funding was also to come from the US Department of Defense, as per a budget allocation by the current Administration. The remaining funding, in excess of $200MM, was to come from private funding to be arranged by SBDG and its investment banker. There would also be orders for nitrile gloves to be guaranteed by the Administration as per the Buy American Act (BAA). The project fell apart when promises made by the current Administration were not fulfilled.

New Strategic Endeavors

Moving forward, the strategy for SMI is to look for acquisition opportunities for a US manufacturing facility of proven products made in the USA within a profitable business. Ideal targets will have proven manufacturing procedures, with the need and opportunity to infuse technology where applicable to enhance efficiencies and new lines of distribution and product usage.


Business opportunities of interest

  • Investors interested in manufacturing based investments
  • Manufacturing based companies available for acquisition 
  • Executives seeking an opportunity to manage operations, an applicable industry consolidation, and eventual IPO

For more Information and Inquiries

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